Hello & welcome!

My name is Grace, and I’m in the business of brand. I believe that every organization has something special that sets them apart from the rest - leveraging those competitive advantages in a way that’s accessible, cohesive and attractive is the hard part, and that’s where I can help. I’ve spent my career working within nonprofit organizations to build consistent brand value across different mediums, using powerful storytelling and clean design to connect audiences with content.

When I graduated college, I was one of those people that really wanted to save the world. I landed my first job in higher education communications, working for an environmental studies department, and working in a small team (where I not only got to produce content, but also lead strategic projects) quickly peaked my interest. Since then, I narrowed my career path to nonprofit work, in part because of the mission and values, but also for that gritty, passionate and sometimes exhausting work ethic demanded by the industry.

During non-working hours, I enjoy spending time with my sweet pup (all pups, if we’re being honest), exploring the Michigan wilderness and drinking lots (and lots) of coffee.

Top skills include:

  • Brand messaging development

  • Strategic brand strategy development

  • Graphic design & print marketing production

  • Marketing photography

  • Videography & multimedia production

  • Editorial content production

  • Social media content planning and production