hi there, my name is olive


I am a Pitbull- Golden Retriever known for my intense cuddles, constant  (and very strong) tail wag and strong obsession with a very special pink ball. Before I was adopted, I was a rescue with the Canine Companions Rescue Center. Lucky for me - I had an amazing foster family, and it wasn't long before I found my forever home! 

Last May, I met my mom and started living as all pets should - carefree, with an all-access pass to the many, many pillows, blankets, toys, bones, balls and cuddles readily available in my home. 


Cuddling is MUST DO. 

Ranking among my top favorite things in the house are the numerous pillows and blankets on my humans' couches. I take naps, play couch tag and generally jump on top of everyone - because 50 pounds is NOT too big for a lap dog. 


On the banks of the Red Cedar...

There's a dog that wants to "play" with the MSU wildlife - oh wait, that's me! My humans sometimes have to struggle to keep me on track with my walks, but to be fair the ducks and squirrels are asking for it! 

One day, while playing fetch with the world's greatest ball, I jumped reeeeeally high, and accidentally hurt left front paw! Thanks to the quick work of the Michigan State University veterinary clinic, I felt much better soon - but something still felt wrong with my leg. 

                   When mom brings home fancy cookies from Grand Haven, I can hardly contain myself - clearly :) 

                   When mom brings home fancy cookies from Grand Haven, I can hardly contain myself - clearly :) 

A follow-up with the MSU othropedic vet service revealed that I have a small fracture on my elbow. Unfortunately, the only treatment that will help get rid of this pain and keep me moving like the young pup I am is a surgery to remove the small fracture piece, and LOTS of puppy physical therapy. 

so my mom and I are asking for your help!

If you want to help get me back on my feet, please check out my Go Fund Me page! Anything you can contribute will help pay for the pre-surgical CT scan, the surgery itself and additional puppy physical therapy. Now that it's fall time, all I want to do is lay outside, chase squirrels, jump in the leaves and continue causing general chaos! P.s. - I also accept support in the form of hugs, visits, kisses and Extreme Kong balls.

Many, many thanks - oli :)

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