telling stories. uncovering purpose. driving results. 

My name is Grace, and I've devoted my work to connecting people through powerful storytelling. 

I believe that excellent, deliberate communication across different platforms is core to the success of all organizations, whether they be product-driven, cause-oriented or people-focused. I work with clients to help them share their purpose and mission with the masses, helping them learn how to best connect with their audience and generating communication strategies that are motivated by actionable goals and measurable results. 

At work, I live in digital creative spaces: from social media to strategy to metrics, I devote my time to crafting words, developing people-centric messages and constantly seeking new ways to measure results. My work encompasses traditional and social media platforms, requiring a metrics-driven strategy to stay current amidst numerous industry changes. A firm believer in collaborative success, I thrive in creative teams that are tight-knit, diverse and passionate about learning.

When I step back from the computer, I seek people, places and ideas that inspire me to look beyond the traditional lens of work, and translate my passion into excellent, meaningful communication. An avid consumer of sunlight, coffee, Buzzfeed and shoes, I am constantly testing, trying (sometimes failing) and learning how to craft a lifestyle that both supports my consumer habits and reduces my impact on the world.

 In the marathon of life, I find the greatest solitude in chai lattes and dogs of all shapes and sizes.

An image of Grace Noyola, standing in front of a burgundy door holding a laptop. 

help oli today!

Hi there! My name is Olive, and I'm a sweet one-year-old rescue Pitbull-Golden Retriever mix of joy and tail wags. I love my Kong extreme ball to death- so much so that I hurt myself playing fetch, and now need knee surgery. Learn about my story and help get me all patched up!


Learn about my process for sharing great products, services and ideas with the world.