Hispanic Center of Western Michigan

During the Spring of 2016, I worked with the Hispanic Center of Western Michigan's Department of Language Services to strengthen their communications. 

the challenge: strengthen ethos for the language services department by showcasing the three pillars of their mission-


2)Language Accessibility 

3)Professional Development 

the strategy: 

1. Conduct a communications audit to identify areas where the pillars are either missing, present or underrepresented 

2. Complete a communication strategy that outlines concise, uniform language to use when discussing the pillars and suggestions for implementing them across various channels

3. Partner with a graphic designer and Language Services leadership to develop a visual representation for the three pillars that has both internal and external application 

the results: a shareable visual and language for the three pillars that could be used across digital and traditional communications to help establish ethos for the language services department

Graciela Noyola