Michigan State University Stormwater Committee

To achieve engagement and outreach goals outlined in the university's stormwater protection program, I work with MSU's Stormwater Committee to develop and execute a communications strategy and reporting system for all water-related communications championed by MSU Sustainability and partnering identities. 

the challenge: cultivate campus engagement with water-related sustainability and implement a metrics system for annual reporting to the michigan d.e.q.

the strategy:

1. Develop a comprehensive communication strategy with a framework for water-related news articles and social media

2. Promote the university's stormwater management program in our monthly newsletter and on our website 

3.  Create a water communication metrics spreadsheet to track engagements and impressions of monthly water-related content for reporting to Michigan's Department of Environmental Quality

the results: a strengthened partnership with msu's stormwater committee, increased coverage of water-related sustainability on campus and a more robust report of water education & engagement for the d.e.q. 



Graciela Noyola