MSU Sustainability: Green is more than a school color

As a land-grant university, Michigan State University not only strives to reduce impact and embody stewardship, but to educate all Spartans on why green is more than a school color--it's a responsibility.

the challenge: develop a social media campaign that capitalizes on the spirit of fall welcome and showcases a culture of sustainability at msu

the strategy: 

1. Profile students as a target audience to identify their needs, demands and influences, working through empathy mapping activities as a creative team

2. Research top-performing social media campaigns targeted at young adults and develop suggestions that match the resources and time constraints of our team. 

3. Select and execute a campaign that embodies a campus-wide message during our identified timeframe: 

-An inspirational campaign that reinforces institutional pride in MSU and its many 'green' features

the results: a top-performing, video-based social media campaign that drove record reach, engagement, website traffic and newsletter sign-up.

Video property of MSU Sustainability, footage shot and edited by Jeremy Peterson. 

Graciela Noyola