Southside Community Kitchen logo redesign and branding

I worked with Southside Community Kitchen, a local nonprofit dedicated to addressing hunger in the Greater Lansing community, to implement formal communications and brand standards that better represented their high quality of service. 

the challenge: develop manageable communications for a small team that reflected vibrancy and dedication, while employing a strategy that could be maintained with minimal commitment well into the future

the strategy: 

1. Develop a communications strategy that outlined recommendations for standardizing content and better managing the current needs of the organization

2. Overhall outdated designs and create a new logo, color palette and brand standards 

from this: 

to this:

SCK logo-final.png

the results: a strategy and brand elements that can be used for years to come, with minimal upkeep, to meet the growing needs of an evolving nonprofit


Graciela Noyola