MSU Sustainability: Be Spartan Green Student Project Fund

At the end of fiscal year 2014-15, our total funding to students through this grant program had dropped from over $32,000 the previous cycle to under $18,000, correlating with a drop in submitted applications. 

The challenge: increase total funding provided to students through the grant fund 

the strategy: 

1. Update the communication strategy 

2. Design and send targeted faculty emails that promoted the program and used language specific to each area of study 

3. Cover successful student grant stories on our website and promote via social media: 

>MSU Students establish beehive haven in campus neighborhood

>MSU project grows campus green space

>Students research six-legged solution for Styrofoam's recycling dilemma

The results: over $31,000 provided in sustainability-related research funding to students during fiscal year 2015-16

Graciela Noyola